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 Why do people seek

 psychological therapy?


People seek therapy for different reasons and at different stages of life. Usually therapy is sought when stress has outweighed the ability to cope, or usual ways of coping have become less effective.


Common reasons for seeking therapy include work stress, relationship problems, anxiety, worry, low self-confidence or depression. Some people will have experienced feelings of distress for many years before feeling able to seek help.

What works & how can I help myself?


Over the years, there has been much research about what works best for various mental health problems. This has helped to inform mental health professionals about the most effective forms of psychological therapy. Therapy developed through research is often referred to as evidence-based therapy. There has been a great deal of research into Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT) which has resulted in this becoming the treatment of choice for many mental health problems.


You may want to do some reading about effective ways of overcoming the difficulties you are having. On this website, you will find a further information page which contains links about evidence-based therapies, useful reading material and how to access help in a crisis.


Your G.P. can refer you to mental health professionals who can provide therapy such as CBT and Counselling, if you wish to seek psychological therapy through the NHS. There is usually a waiting list for NHS Therapy and your G.P. can advise you on this.  


If you prefer to seek psychological therapy privately for yourself, or for you and your partner, get in touch in absolute confidence by email, telephone (07552 867010) or by clicking on the contact page.


Coronavirus (COVID - 19) pandemic:

Please note that, in line with government guidelines, I am not currently offering any face to face appointments.

Appointments are available instead online via Skype or by telephone until further notice